History of the Oral Reconstruction Foundation


SEPA - Oral Reconstruction Foundation Regenerative SymposiumThe first joint SEPA – Oral Reconstruction Foundation Symposium as part of the SEPA OnAir2020 Congress took place on a virtual basis. World-class experts offered online master sessions featuring novel regenerative concepts for soft tissue augmentation and improved healing.


DGI meets Oral Reconstruction FoundationIn cooperation with the German Association of Oral Implantology (DGI) the OR Foundation held a session on the occasion of their 33rd Annual Congress in Hamburg, Germany. Professor Katja Nelson, Professor Irena Sailer and Dr. Georgia Trimpou presented expert recommendations for implant-supported edentulous jaws. These recommendations were compiled during the Foundation’s 2019 International Expert Meeting.”


ORAL RECONSTRUCTION GLOBAL SYMPOSIUM 20181.200 participants from 39 countries contributed to knowledge transfer, networking and fun during the Oral Reconstruction Global Symposium 2018 which took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands, from 26-28 April. The Symposium was held unter the theme “The Future of the Art of Implant Dentistry.”


2017 ORAL RECONSTRUCTION GLOBAL SYMPOSIUMThe 2017 Global Symposium, the first presented by the Oral Reconstruction Foundation drew over 1,400 dental professionals from 42 countries to Miami, FL on May 4-6, 2017 and was held under the theme “Current Concepts and Future Trends in Tissue Regeneration and Implant Dentistry.”


ORAL RECONSTRUCTION FOUNDATION AND CONSENSUSAfter the realization of two systematic reviews the 3rd resp. 1st consensus conference under the OR Foundation was successfully conducted in Florence, Italy. Publication will follow. - Operational activities of the OR Foundation commence…


RELAUNCH OF THE FOUNDATIONFrom December 2016 on, the CAMLOG Foundation started operating as the independent Oral Reconstruction Foundation. The name change, however, will in no way alter the Foundation’s express aim to foster advances in implant dentistry by creation and dissemination of new knowledge in the interest of patients. We aim to continue promoting talented young scientists and practitioners, research projects, the exchange of clinical research findings between universities and industry, and ongoing education through lectures, seminars and hands-on courses as well as live surgeries and partnerships.


ESTABLISHMENT OF THE U.S. ORAL RECONSTRUCTION FOUNDATIONThe newly founded U.S. Oral Reconstruction Foundation provides high-quality ongoing education in dental reconstruction through the Academy of General Dentistry and facilitates the exchange of knowledge between dental practitioners. It organizes lectures, seminars and hands-on courses as well as live surgeries and partnerships to help dental clinicians improve the lives of their patients.nt


CONSENSUSSystematic reviews constitute the basis for the 2nd consensus conference at the International Expert Meeting in Barcelona, Spain, and the follow-up in Valencia, Spain. This consensus report is E-published by Clinical Oral Implants Research in 2016.


CONSENSUSOn the basis of systematic reviews the 1st consensus conference was established at the International Expert Meeting in Rome, Italy. In 2014 this resulted in the publication of the consensus report in the Clinical Oral Implants Research.


POSTER COMPETITIONAwards for the three best posters were presented for the first time at an International CAMLOG Congress. Since then, numerous poster applications have been submitted.


FORMATION OF THE SCIENTIFIC WORKING GROUPThe Scientific Working Group was established to oversee and promote all the CAMLOG Foundation’s science-related activities by funding projects and scholarships as well as encouraging young scientists to participate in the CAMLOG Foundation Research Award and publish new research findings.


NATIONAL CONGRESSESThe first National Congress under the aegis of CAMLOG was held in Turkey. Until the beginning of 2017, 28 National Congresses have been held at venues all over the world and attracted a total of more than 5000 participants.


INTERNATIONAL EXPERT MEETINGThe first International Expert Meeting took place in Madrid, Spain, in 2008 and laid the cornerstone for this invitation-only event. It attracts around 80 world-renowned experts in their respective fields, who come together for two days to receive first-hand scientific results, discuss a broad range of ideas and work on consensus publications.


RESEARCH AWARD LAUNCHEDThis year saw the introduction of the CAMLOG Foundation Research Award, which is open to young scientists and application-oriented clinicians under 40 and encourages advances in implant dentistry and related areas.Since its establishment, the prize has been awarded four times, with prize money totaling EUR 80'000.


GRANTS AND PUBLICATIONSWithin 10 years, the Foundation has approved the impressive total of 143 grants, resulting in almost 100 peer-reviewed publications within the first 10 years.


INTERNATIONAL CONGRESSESThe first International CAMLOG Congress was held in Montreux, Switzerland. Since then, we have organized six more congresses, attracting more than 6600 participants.


CAMLOG FOUNDATION ESTABLISHEDEstablished by the CAMLOG Company in Basel, Switzerland, “to create and disseminate new knowledge from a trusted source and encourage young scientists”, the Foundation’s main aim was to create an interface through which scientists, practitioners and the dental technology industry can exchange knowledge and ideas and promote progress in implant dentistry and related fields.