Poster Competition 2016

We are proud to present all accepted posters of the 2016 poster competition which took place on the occasion of the 6th International CAMLOG Congress, Krakow, Poland.

1st Prize

"Neurophysiological changes after implant placement associated with augmentation procedures"

Hartmann A, Welte-Jzyk C, Seiler M, Daubländer M.

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2nd Prize

"Retrospective study on factors influencing the accuracy of template-guided implant placement"

Edelmann C, Schnutenhaus S, Rudolph H, Luthardt RG.

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3rd Prize

"The effect of abutment materials on peri-implant soft and hard tissue level for three years"

Ueda K, Ozawa M, Hiroyasu K, Seto M, Katsuta Y, Shinohara R, Watanabe F.

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All accepted posters:

Hunt PR, Flaherty P, Furlan P, Ceccacci LM, Bergler S.
Hunt P, Furlan C, Flaherty P, Bergler S, Ceccacci L.
Iwanczyk B, Novak JM, Siniarski P, Kresa P, Mazurek K, Popowski W.
Szymon F, Jakimiak A, Wesolowski P, Szadowski M, Wojtowicz A.
The risk of schneiderian membrane perforation during sinus floor elevation procedure due to the diameter of biomaterials
Wrzol M, Morawiec T, Roj R, Kownacki P, Kasperski J, Pala M, Bibulek-Bogacz A.
Abstracts and further information about selected posters are also available as online Supplement of the International Poster Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine: http://ipj.quintessenz.de/index.php?doc=toc&year=2016&issue=6