Digital Dentistry Week Freiburg, Germany 2023

Date: Webinar 12 and 19 June 2023 // On-Site Course 28 June - 1 July 2023
Time: 18.30 - 19.15 Webinar // 08:30 - 17:00 On-site training
City: Freiburg
Country: Germany
Tuiton: Euro 3'050 incl. VAT and a faculty dinner
Number of Credits: 28
Language: EN

Course Description

Prior to the 4-day on-site course at the university, 45-minute webinars will be held on two consecutive Monday evenings to introduce you to the topics. With your registration you will receive access to two live webinars with the following content:
  • Webinar 1: Prof. Nelson and Jun.-Prof. Kernen : Basics in implant surgery vs. advanced surgery
  • Webinar 2: Prof. Spies and Jun.-Prof. Kernen: Presentation of one simple case using IOS, CBCT and planning software and one complex case using IOS, CBCT, EOS, and planning software
  • Day 1 Prof. Spies and Jun.-Prof. Kernen: Digital workflow in implant dentistry – Overview Complications in implant prosthodontics Interactive case discussion - Data acquisition – CBCT / Intra-Oral scanning Backward planning of simple and advanced cases
  • Day 2 – Prof. Spies and Jun.-Prof. Kernen: • Prosthodontic concepts • Impression taking - how and when? Interactive case discussion • Backward planning of complex cases Hands-on • Crown on Ti-Base cementation • Implant planning software SMOP • Intra-Oral Scanners • Guided implant placement on model
  • Day 3 – Prof. Nelson, Prof. Fretwurst and Jun.-Prof. Kernen: Lecture • Sinus floor elevation after virtual planning • Augmentation procedures • Risk patients and basics in implant surgery Hands-on • External sinus floor elevation • Bone-split • Bone-block
  • Day 4 –Prof. Nelson and Jun.-Prof. Kernen: • Live surgery, patient-case presentation Live surgery • Basic implant placement Interactive case discussion • Video analysis of surgical cases

Learning Objectives

  • How to use digital scan and impression devices most effectively and how to match their data for accurate case planning.
  • How to use digital devices and aids for guided implantology in practice.
  • How to plan cases of varying complexity using backward planning.
  • How to get more bone volume around the implant bed with different augmentation methods.
  • How to make every augmentation successful.


Dr. med. dent. Ausra Ramanauskaite

Ausra Ramanauskaite completed the dental education (DDS) (2006–2011) and specialization in periodontology (MSc) (2011–2014) at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuania. In 2016, she was awarded a one-year Osteology Foundation research scholarship at the Oral Surgery Department, University of Düsseldorf, Germany. She received the PhD degree in 2018 and Dr. med.dent in 2019. Currently, Ausra Ramanauskaite is working at the Oral Surgery and Implantology Department at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. Ausra has authored international peer-reviewed publications and is active in the research field of peri-implant pathology, bone and soft tissue regeneration.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Robert Sader

Prof. Dr. mult. Robert Sader has graduated in Medicine and Dentistry and completed his training in Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery at Technical University Munich. In 2002 he moved to Basel as deputy head of the University Department for Reconstructive Surgery. Since 2004 he was appointed professor, director and chair of Oral, Cranio-Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Surgery at Goethe-University Frankfurt. His department offers the whole field OMF surgery from implantology, dentoalveolar surgery, traumatology, orthognatics, TMJ surgery, oncology, reconstructive and craniofacial surgery. He is member of numerous national and international associations and has won several outstanding scientific awards. Membership of several scientific boards of associations and foundations shows a sound standing political work. He is president of the “German Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry” and the “Frankfurt Dental Association from 1863”. Since 2010 he is Dean for clinical student affairs of the Medical Faculty. Since 2014 he is medical director of the University Dental Institute “Carolinum”.

Prof. Dr. Frank Schwarz

Frank Schwarz is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Oral Surgery and Implantology at the Centre for Dentistry and Oral Medicine (Carolinum), Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt, Germany. He serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Clinical Periodontology and Editorial Board Member for Clinical Oral Implants  research. He is Past President of the German Association of Oral Implantology (DGI), Executive Board Member of the Osteology Foundation and was awarded the André Schröder Research Prize in 2007, the Miller Research Prize in 2012 and the Jan Lindhe Award in 2017.

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