Poster Competition 2018

We are proud to present the posters of the 2018 poster competition which took place on the occasion of the Oral Reconstruction Global Symposium, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Winner "Pre-Clinical Study"

"Influence of UV-light and non-thermal plasma on rough titanium surfaces in vitro"

Smeets R, Cacaci C, Heuberger R, Heinrich O, Hartjen P, Hanken H, Precht C, Henningsen A.

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Winner "Clinical Study"

"The effect of one-time abutment placement on marginal bone levels and peri-implant soft tissues: 3 years results from a prospective randomized clinical trial"

Fierravanti L, Ambrosio N, Molina A, Sanz I, Martin C, Blanco J, Sanz M.

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Winner "Case Report"

"Management of Extractions Sites - A New Approach for
Compromised Conditions in the Posterior Maxilla"

Beniashvili R, Kern B.

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All accepted posters:

Rodrigo Pérez-Tabernero M, Albizu Rodriguez N, Pulcini A, Pradíes G, Sanz Sanchez I.

Rodriguez Gonzalez C, Donato Romo S, Martinez Villa S, Pradies G, Sanz Sanchez I.

Sağlanmak A, Karabuda C, Güner M, Gültekin B, Cansu Başeğmez A.

Abstracts and further information about selected posters are also available as online Supplement of the International Poster Journal of Dentistry and Oral Medicine: https://ipj.quintessenz.de/index.php?doc=toc&year=2018&issue=5